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Price Factor in Buying Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Cleaner Price

Many manufactures produce ultrasonic cleaning equipment in domestic, and the market price is uneven especially for some customized cleaners. Frequently, after comparing quotations from several suppliers, the customers find that there is a big difference in price. Regardless of false price, these differences are are mainly caused by different technology content and manufacturing process. For the cost of ultrasonic cleaners, as small as inconspicuous parts, or as big as overall structure and material quality, all aspects will have a great impact on the final price of the whole machine. So it's not hard to understand that the market price of similar cleaning machines always fluctuates in a wide range.

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Applications of Rod Transducers

Rod Transducers

The pressure of medium is changed alternately in the propagation process of rod transducer. In positive pressure region, the liquid medium bears extrusion force and forms increased density, conversely, in the negative pressure region, the lquid medium bears tear force and forms reduced density. The ultrasonic energy is distributed at 360° along the whole length of rod body. The output energy will not be affected by the change of the load such as the liquid level, temperature difference, etc. Compared to the traditional ultrasonic box, it has mor extensive range of applications and longer service life. Ultrasonic processing is a mature and widely-applied technology in cleaning, extraction, chemical reaction, anti scale, water treatment and so on.

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Basis of Ultrasonic Position Meters

Ultrasonic Position Meters

What's ultrasonic position meters? We refer to "positon" that is the surface position of liquid medium and solid material in the tank or equipment. Ultrasonic level meters can be devided into two major categories i.e. liquid level measurement and material level measurement: 1, Liquid level means the surface level of liquid medium. 2, Material level means the pile height of various solid materials in the form of block, particles or powder. So that ultrasonic position meter is the general term for ultrasonic liquid-level meter and ultrasonic solid-level meter.

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Inspection System for Printing Quality Control

Printing Quality Inspection

With the improvement of the living environment and health awareness, there are more and more requirements for packaging materials and printing quality. Small printing defects, result in huge economic losses to printing manufacturer, and further to loose the trust from customers. Because of the lower market price of printed matter, factory has to focus on using raw materials economically. Besides, printing manufacturers also face huge pressures such as decreasing production quantity, increasing product varieties and shortened delivery cycle. Not only to improve work efficiency and reduce costs, but also to satisfy customers' requirements for multicolor, high difficulty and high quality printing. High precision automatic online-inspection system are used to detect defects on printed matter in printing process.

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Basic Knowledge of Ultrasonic Power Supply

Ultrasonic Power Supply

Ultrasonic power supply also known as ultrasonic generator or ultrasonic power source, used to convert AC (220V or 380V,50HZ or 60HZ) electric energy into high frequency electric energy which is compatible with ultrasonic transducer. With the development of ultrasonic technology, it covers a broad range of industrial applications such as cleaning, welding, drilling, polishing, homogenization and so on.

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How to Choose the Proper Cleaning Chemical

Cleaning Chemical

The extensive use of ultrasonic cleaner in industrial cleaning, is inseparable from cleaning chemical, ultrasonic physical effects are combined with chemical effects such as dissolution and softening, provide the best cleaning result. There are various demands for cleaning objects inclulding property of contamination, anti-corrosion and anti-rust requirements, balance of cleaning quality, cleaning efficiency and economic benefit. So we should choose the proper cleaning chemical in accordance with specific condition.

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Applications of Ultrasonic Oscillators

Ultrasonic Transducer

Ultrasonic oscillators have a wide range of applications in industry, agriculture, transportation, daily life, medical and military. According to their functions, can be devided into ultrasonic machining, ultrasonic processing, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic detection, ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic impaging, ultrasonic monitoring and controlling, etc. Ultrasonic transducers can work at liquid, solid and gas mediums based on various piezo materials and designs.

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Applications of Ultrasonic Sonochemistry

Ultrasonic Sonochemistry

In recent 20 years, Sonochemistry is the application of ultrasound to chemical reactions and processes, and extensively applied in various industrial fields such as chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, coal, electronic, medicine, building materials, light industry, etc. Comparing the traditional method, it features that simple operation, mild reaction condition, shorter reaction time and higher yield. Ultrasonic sonochemistry can enable many capabilities that were previously very difficult or not practical to implement, open up a new way for chemical reaction. Small ultrasonic cleaners are often used as ultrasonic reactor in laboratory.

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Ultrasonic Descaling for Heat Exchange Equipment

Ultrasonic descaling

Heat exchange equipment is used as a general equipment for many industrial sectors including chemical, petroleum, power, food, etc. The scaling problem has been a bottleneck of the long-term industrial production, and cause the huge economic loss. At the end of the 20th century, Russia, South Korea and other contries first adopted advanced ultrasonic descaling technology.

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Tension Control for Film Winding

Film Tension Control

Film tension control in slitting or rewinding process means the ability to permanently control the tension of the film passing through the equipment. This tension control must remain valid for any operating speed no matter acceleration or deceleration, make sure without damage to film even in emergency braking. The stability of tension control is directly related to the product qulity. If the tension is insufficient, the film will drift in the running process, and the film coils become wrinkle. If the tension is excessive, the thin film is easily broken, result in lots of broken ends on coils after cutting and rewinding process. This article deeply analyses the problem of tension control for film winding.

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Application of Web Guiding System

Web Guiding System

Web guiding system refers to keeping the moving web at the right position in a variety of winding processes such as spraying, printing, cutting, compounding, etc. Lateral misalignment of webs will affect following working procedures, and cause material waste or downtime. So, web guides are usded to ensure proper alignment of the material within the machine or on a material roll. The whole automatic control devices constitute a integrated web guiding system.

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How to Design an Electric Control Cabinet

Electric Control Cabinet

The design of electric control cabinet is a kind of logic thinking, as long as it accords with the logical control law, ensures safty operation of electric system, and satisfies the production process requirement, can be considered a good design. According to the manufacture and use demand of electric control equipment, it is important to complete the system design including structure and overall configuration design of electric control cabinet, design of general wiring diagram, electrical assembly drawing and wiring diagram for every part. In addition, some technical materials such as part of the component catalogue, input and output cable number, list of major materials, etc, are also required.

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